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The Song

I thought I heard the echo of a song,

reverberating against the wet stone walls

where I had hidden in my cave in the snow. 

I believed I was seeking enlightenment

struggling in darkness with old foes

catching glimmers of light

out of the corner of my eye. 

But the flashes of brilliance were painful.

I couldn’t bring myself to look directly into their light

or hear the song that rang like a bell in the distance.


I turned away.


I thought I was growing stronger

as I fought old demons,

but I was only hiding from my greatest fears. 

The old wounded demons still twitched with life

as I poked them with my sword,

but they were laid low and were no longer a threat. 

I just liked my new power and enjoyed tormenting them

as they had been with me for far too long. 

The fighting gave me power.  

It was a liar.


In the hushed silence,

I began to hear the song more clearly.

It sang of forgiveness.

It sang of freedom.


Taking a deep breath, I lay down my sword

and sat beside the wounded demons,

speaking their names with love,

stroking their wounds

with hands now filled with soft light. 

We sat in a circle of healing that went on for lifetimes

yet time did not exist within this circle.

At last they rose up and left without a word

walking back into the Cosmos

leaving me in the darkness.


The song exploded into the cave

filling it with light, grief, tears and soul-burning knowledge.

It had been waiting for so long to come to me,

to be heard, to be felt,

but I was turned away battling my demons.

It sang of hardship, great loss, and the need to be strong.

The song’s light fell on smooth stones

arranged in beautiful sculptures around my cave. 

The song of the Divine told me the dam would burst,

but the stones will hold.

I will be lifted up in sadness and great strength

and I will never be alone. 

Waves will crash over us all

pulling us down

but we will rise into the brilliance

within ourselves.

I saw the power in the stillness of stones

and peace without struggles.

I walked out of the cave into the new day

leaving the sword behind.